About us

In January 2010, Burkhard Walder founded TOSES Tooling Security Services LLC as a company geared to finding solutions and right technology for all aspects related to injection moulding and die casting. He has come up with such devices such as the Qass IM Optimizer 4D, TOSES Tool-Track or the TOSES piece counter.TOSES’s know-how stems from its close association with BWengineering GmbH. TOSES was set up as a subsidiary (an affiliate company) in January 2012 and is right at home for efficient injection moulding production.

BWengineering customers come primarily from the automotive industry. BWengineering accompanies its customers throughout the complete operation process; from developing projects and vendor management to interim management of production as well as to development to process optimization within the product development process - including product ready process.

Our expertise and practical know-how in development and production activities for the injection moulding industry is the cornerstone of TOSES. We know which solutions are not in place, where concrete improvements exist and how useful and practical innovations can be implemented. For TOSES, challenges are just a springboard to come up with ideas.

The TOSES-Team

Burkhard Walder is the managing director of BWengineering as well as a general partner of TOSES and the founder of both companies. Together with Martin Kolpatzik, they are the point of contact for all potential clients, customers and business associates.

Burkhard Walder studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Iserlohn, majoring in plastic technologies and manufacturing. At the university - from 2010 to 2012-  Burkhard Walder and Peter Striegan - stakeholder of Toses - carried out and monitored the research project “Tool Cavity Sensor and Remote Locator System”, demonstrating that moulds can be monitored by means of body borne vibration measurements. Peter Striegan - stakeholder of Toses-  is the project lead.

Burkard Walder

Burkhard Walder is the creative force behind Qass IM Optimizer 4D, Tool-Track and the piece counter. As the founding partner of TOSES he is responsible for the company’s acquisition and further development. He also gives presentations and lectures and professional talks. Please contact him for your project planning and scheduling needs.

Martin Kolpatzik

Since 2013 with Toses and he has been in charge of process development and for all matters related to try-outs, testing, set ups, implementation as well as analysis.
Martin Kolpatzik is both the point of contact for our customers and the lead in charge of testing and sales.