Intelligent solutions for the injection moulding industry

 Welcome to TOSES, the specialists for injection moulding technology.

Meet the experts who know and have mastered the ins and outs of injection moulding.
We develop intelligent and innovative solutions for the production of moulded parts and for the daily interaction of machines and moulds. Our focus is on improving injection moulding processes as well as facilitating the collaboration between all departments involved in the production process.

Our practical and function oriented products put you in the position to optimize the injection moulding process – especially where improvements had previously been difficult or almost impossible to achieve.
Thus the Qass IM Optimizer 4 D allows the monitoring of the current state of injection moulding tools. Therefore, mould/tool maintenance and repair is flexible and can be performed at the right time every time, thereby avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Not only is this new and innovative but it increases productivity.

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